Southern Indiana mother keeping son’s memory alive through community change

New Albany community remembers skateboarder killed, looks to change community in his honor

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - As life continues without her son, Judith Brewer says there isn’t a day she doesn’t think about Matt. The 32-year-old skateboarder died last summer after being hit by a vehicle on Spring Street in New Albany.

“Sometimes I think there was a plan involved, or somebody has a plan for why these things happen,” Brewer said.

Matt was hit in August 2018 while skateboarding to his house on Spring Street.

He received multiple blood transfusions, but died from his injuries.

A blood drive organized by family in his honor is one way they hope his memory lives on. Another is through some possible changes to the community.

“I often think, how would Matt have done this,” Judith said. “How would he have dealt with this?”

She says these questions are helping her channel the grief and looking at the positives during life post Matt.

Since his death, the city has been considering changes to make Spring Street safer. A group of concerned citizens voiced the need for the study. The city of New Albany started the study started in December examining traffic on the stretch of Spring, between State and Vincennes.

“We would watch the cars go by and they would be going too fast,” Judith said. “Matt would repeat himself, ‘They are going too fast, they are going too fast.’”

New Albany Engineer Larry Summers says so far reports show speeds on Spring Street have decreased since the two-way streets were implemented in 2017.

Summers says there are still outliers who drive too fast through this neighborhood. Judith hopes for a lower speed limit for the safety of those walking and riding in New Albany.

“I know it's a main street through traffic, but it still needs to be slow traffic,” Judith said.

Before any type of decision is made for Spring Street, Summers says the city is also going to study the speeds traveled on Elm and Market streets.

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