KY General Assembly meets at Old Capitol

KY legislators take step back in time to Old Capitol building

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - The Kentucky General Assembly got a history lesson Tuesday, as legislators met at the Old State Capitol in Frankfort.

Lawmakers started their week in Frankfort at the Old Capitol.
Lawmakers started their week in Frankfort at the Old Capitol. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

Lawmakers ended their day at the current capitol building, but they started it at a place they would’ve worked over a century ago.

It was clear the tools of the trade have evolved, as quills in ink sat on the desks legislators occupied, but, compared to the days of Henry Clay, one thing has remained constant for lawmakers of all levels -- the duties of the job.

“It just sends chills up my spine to know that he spoke in this room,” Rep. John Bam Carney, the House Majority Floor Leader, said. “So, it’s an honor and privilege to be here today.”

The Old State Capitol on Broadway Street in Frankfort, now maintained by the Kentucky Historical Society, was the center of Kentucky politics from 1830 to 1910.

“Even during its use, this chamber was used for public events, special speeches, birthday celebrations and funerals,” Scott Alvey, the Kentucky Historical Society Executive Director, said.

It may seem odd to think of throwing a birthday party in the people’s house now.

The legislature didn’t meet Monday in honor of when George Washington would’ve celebrated his birthday, but that didn’t keep the likeness of another famous president from stopping by the Old State Capitol on Tuesday as lawmakers started another week.

“I would ask as you do these important things, that you would use wisdom,” an Abraham Lincoln impersonator said to the group.

It was a piece of advice, that like the Old Capitol Building, has survived the test of time.

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