Police search for motive in deadly Elizabethtown shooting

Woman details deadly shooting at T-Mart in Elizabethtown

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) – A man has been charged with murder after two people died and two others were shot in Elizabethtown.

According to an arrest slip, Shadrach Peeler was seen on surveillance video shooting three people at the T Mart, located at 600 North Miles Street.

When officers arrived, they found one person dead inside the store, another person with a gunshot wound inside the store and a woman, Nadia Browne, who was outside of the store and had been shot in the leg.

Brown spoke to WAVE 3 News after she was released from the hospital Friday morning.

Brown said she was in her car when Peeler shot her.

Nadia Browne spoke to WAVE 3 News after she was released from the hospital Friday morning.
Nadia Browne spoke to WAVE 3 News after she was released from the hospital Friday morning. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

“I knew I had been hit, I felt it when the bullet hit my leg, but I just laid there,” she said. “I was just hoping he wouldn’t come to my car door, like, and shoot more because my overhead light was on so he could see inside my car so I just laid over as if to and pretend I was dead.”

Browne drove to nearby American Legion Park.

“I was worried that I wasn’t going to see my kids no more,” Browne said. “I was too scared -- like I just pulled out of the parking lot and I ended up at the park. I couldn’t like even find my phone at first and I knew the shooter was walking so I didn’t know where he was. It was just a scary situation.”

Police said the shooting at T Mart happened after Peeler left him home on West Wafield Street, where a fourth victim was found shot and killed nearby.

Officers encountered Peeler when he returned to his home. Police said he was carrying a handgun and threw it when he saw officers. Peeler resisted arrest and had to be subdued by multiple officers, police said.

Peeler was booked into the Hardin County Detention Center. In addition to murder, he’s charged with assault and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

A makeshift memorial grew throughout the day at T Mart, with friends and family of the victims stopping by to pay their respects.

Robert Poynter, from Mulberry Florist, dropped off a donated bouquet.

“Everybody like I said, they come together as family members and you know people with concerns with what happened here and they come together and do what needs to be done,” Poynter said.

Lashonda Fentress said she used to date the man who died.

“He would do anything for anybody, sweet guy, he and his cousin both,” Fentress said. “I mean I come here all the time with my kids and we’d always buy our soft drinks here every Sunday, (he’d say) ‘you going to church Sunday?’ If he saw my kids walking ‘you need a ride? Do you need anything?’ He was just a good person. For this stuff to happen is just, we keep losing friends to violence and it’s just really upsetting, really upsetting.”

Police are working to determine a motive behind the shootings.

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