SnowTALK! BLOG: Friday Edition

SnowTALK! Friday Edition

A pattern change is showing up as we end February and kick off March.


Next Wednesday: Flurries possible north

Next Friday/Saturday Light rain to light snow

March 2-4 Potential southern system. One to Watch


Our strong system this weekend will help bring in cooler weather with cold nights as we head into next week. Daytime highs won’t be too off from normal.

There is an interesting setup next Friday/Saturday with a northern branch and southern branch system that are close to phasing. Current pattern suggests they would remain separate at this time which would just lead to some light rain to light snow. Nothing significant. We’ll watch it of course.

After that, things get more interesting.

A strong Arctic High drops into the Plains. At the same time, a southern branch system rolls out. Timing is everything of course and given it is nearly 10 days out, confidence is low. Having said that, what makes this interesting is that this is the strong push of cold weather we have seen since January. With the southeast ridge holding on as strong as it can, it should create one heck of a temperature gradient which would lead to a significant storm system. This ones at least stands a *chance* to mainly a southern system which could increase our snow potential locally with severe t-storms south of us. For now, we will just put this system on the top shelf. Let’s see how it looks next week.


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