SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

Being a snow lover, I still have to admit I am loving the sunshine and dry weather! Having said that, a nice March snow can be really pretty around here and usually doesn’t bother travel as much. We shall see...

SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition


Thursday Brief sleet/freezing drizzle risk.

Sunday/Monday Southern system. Extent of snow shield uncertain; setup to watch.

Next Tuesday/Wednesday Another southern system. Track highly uncertain. Setup to watch.


Thursday... this one looks minor as there will not be a ton of moisture and we will have marginal air. Coming off of a day in the 60s (Wed), I am not seeing many issues with this ...even if we dropped to the freezing mark. Having said that (I say that a lot), some light sleet or freezing drizzle possible. We will monitor it.

Sunday/Monday.. southern system tracks under high pressure to our north. It will move fairly quick which means limits on the snow portion. The track is still varying on I-10 to say I-20. Yes, there will be dry air on its north side. Just warning you on that now. But this does have decent moisture near the track so it has potential. My only other concern here is the blocking of t-storms across the deep south. This may influence the snow shield coverage. Still early in the game but remains a system of interest.

It turns much colder into Tuesday.

Next southern wave then rolls in. This one is all about timing. A slower push into the southeast would allow it to develop a bit more and track more north to influence us again with a wintry threat. If it moves in too fast, the high will likely keep this one south and under-developed. Just too early to know but it also remains an item of interest.

Even if we don’t get snow on the ground next week, we could end up with a few sub-freezing days with lows in the teens and wind chills near 0 in spots. If we do get snow on the ground, those values will of course lower. Overall theme next week: Winter wants attention...


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