SnowTALK! Wednesday Edition

SnowTALK! Wednesday Edition

Yeah, I is really nice out. But I do need at least least discuss the setup for Sunday...

SnowTALK! Wednesday Edition


Thursday Morning Brief sleet/freezing drizzle. Minor, if any impact.

Sunday Potential accumulating snowfall. Rain/snow line in question. System to watch.

Next Wednesday/Thursday Passing flurries/light snow. Minor.

March 10 Brief mix to rain

March 11-12 Rain to brief snow possible.


Sunday--- The battle remains on how the pressure systems evolve toward Saturday (high and low). The (Arctic) high will be diving south into the central United States over the weekend. But how fast will that happen? That is important as energy in the Rockies is ready to roll out with a storm. Timing of both of these features is everything. If the high makes a bold/faster move south, we end up with a suppressed low pressure system that will cut north at an angle into the Carolinas Sunday and Monday. The angle would pinpoint the snow path on its northern edge. A suppressed track would also be faster which would limit most of the snowfall to advisory level stuff.

However, if the energy can roll out just in advance of this cold attack, there is a better chance for it to be slower and stronger. This would lead to heavy rain/t-storms on its south side and heavier snow on its north. But the risk for that type of system means it can gain some latitude. And that doesn’t always go well for us. In other words, a stronger system would track far enough north to put the rain/snow into WAVE Country if not to our north.

Remember how on Monday most of the models showed the snow path into Atlanta? Yeah, small details in timing creates wild outcomes.

We just have to keep trending the data on the upper air portion of the setup over the next couple of days. More shifts will take place. No need to get upset or excited just yet. Let’s let this one sit in the oven a bit longer ;)


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