Pension board bill continues advancing despite teacher sickout

Pension board bill continues advancing despite teacher sickout
Teachers packed the committee meeting room where House Bill 525 was discussed on Thursday. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - It’s a step in the legislative process teachers were hoping they wouldn’t see.

A sickout shut down two of the state’s largest school districts Thursday, including Jefferson County Public Schools. But after flooding Frankfort in protest of House Bill 525 on Thursday, the bill received a second reading on the House floor on Friday.

HB 525 would restructure the board that oversees teacher pensions, taking away power from the KEA while adding other education groups and a position chosen by the governor to the board.

“We’ve seen Bevin do this before where he restructures boards so that he can get people he wants in there to do his bidding for him,” JCPS teacher Crystal Walts-Paulin said. “This is kind of just his way of just like this whole, one step trying to stay ahead of us -- to punish us for not going along with his sewer bill last year.”

The bill is now eligible to get a final reading and a vote in the House.

The Senate would then go through the same process, starting with a committee hearing.

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