Paul, Guthrie speak at GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner

Paul, Guthrie speak at GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner
Congressman Brett Guthrie speaks to a supporter at the 2019 Southern Kentucky Lincoln Day Dinner.

WARREN COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - The 2019 Southern Kentucky Lincoln Day Dinner was held at the Augenstein Alumni Center on Western Kentucky’s campus Sunday, WBKO reports. Members of the Warren County Republican Party gathered to remember and celebrate the history of the GOP.

“But when I think, when we think, Lincoln Day, we ought to talk about our heritage,” Kentucky Congressman Brett Guthrie said.

“It’s an annual thing, celebrating Lincoln--founder of our party, end of slavery, beginning of civil rights, a lot of good things,” Senator Rand Paul said.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen completed three days of testimony on Capitol Hill. During his testimony, he publicly branded Trump as a racist and a con man who lied about Russian business dealings and told him to hide extramarital affairs. Senator Rand Paul weighed in on Cohen’s comments, WBKO reports.

“You know, it’s very contentious. Both parties seem to be at each others’ throat and I think ultimately what we’re going to find when the final report comes out is that there wasn’t any evidence that President Trump was involved with anything with Russia,” Paul told WBKO.

Senator Paul also spoke about Trump’s North Korea Summit, and said diplomacy and conversation with adversaries or enemies is a good thing.

“It wasn’t successful in getting them to agree not to have nuclear weapons, but it was successful in the sense that we’re having a conversation. But I think things are better than they were before we started the dialogue,” Paul said.

Congressman Guthrie addressed several issues, including the Green New Deal and the measles outbreak. Guthrie recently led an oversight hearing on the subject.

“We had top quality and the best people in the world to come present that the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine is safe,” Guthrie said to WBKO.

Guthrie said he just wants to make sure the public gets the information.

“As I said in the hearing, I am not a physician. I know parents love their children, they want to make the best decisions for their children,” Guthrie said.

Guthrie also addressed Glasgow native Kelly Craft, the Kentuckian Trump nominated as the first woman to be the United States Ambassador to Canada, and how she was recently chosen to be the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

“So she’s one of ours, and what a great thrill to now have our second Kentuckian in president Trumps’ cabinet,” Guthrie said.

The Lincoln Day Dinner began with a meet and greet, followed by dinner and guest speakers.

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