SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

Yes, another snow chance ahead that will be temperature sensitive. Nothing after this showing up so try to soak it up snow fans!


Later today--- a few flurries will be possible into the evening. Moisture is quite limited but cold air like this can squeeze out the smallest of flakes.

Thursday/Friday-- A frontal boundary lights up with snow midday Thursday at an angle from IL southeast to just north of Lexington. Dry air will limit coverage initially with this. However, as the band saturates, snowfall rates pick up and some accumulations start to develop. The boundary will start to inch north at the same time this happening but the speed and location of such is unclear at this time. This looks to be a classic evaporative cooling event similar to Sunday’s snow. The location of the banding features will allow for temperatures to drop a few degrees to bring the cooling to a crucial point. A low pressure will then track along this front during Thursday night and will eventually pull the moisture away. As the low moves in, the air just above our heads does warm. This could melt the snowflakes to raindrops. For most of you, that means snow changing to rain. For SOME of you, the temperature at the ground could still be near freezing which means a light glaze would then be possible. Overall, any travel impacts look to be later Thursday afternoon/night with conditions improving greatly Friday morning as we continue to warm.

Snowfall amounts look advisory -level right now for those of you to the north.

Let me stress, this type of setup is only going to affect about 40% of you. The rest of you (mainly south) will deal with just a plain rain.

We will keep an eye on this as you guys know how these temperature sensitive events change in detail as get closer. But that is how it looks today...


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