Bills protested by teachers see little movement, but remain viable

House leaders say HB 525 could reach floor next week

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - While teachers protesting House Bill 525 could cheer about it not receiving a vote Thursday, House leadership said the bill could still come to the floor next week.

It’s one of the pieces of legislation that would restructure the teacher pension board, and has prompted sickouts this week.

The bill was passed over in the orders of the day Thursday.

By restructuring the teacher pension board, House Bill 525 would take away several seats from the KEA and spread them among other education groups. An additional seat picked by the governor would be added to the board.

House Speaker David Osborne said there are still some negotiations happening on some different amendments to the bill.

Other Majority leaders have said a bipartisan effort was being made to address teacher concerns this week.

Osborne said that if compromise can be found, it could be brought to a vote next week, adding he believes lawmakers are close to finding an agreement on HB 525.

Another bill teachers protested, HB 205, which would give a tax break to those who donate to private school scholarship funds, was discussed in committee.

Some have claimed they’re concerned it would be slipped into a more popular revenue bill.

Osborne said that’s unlikely at this point.

“I don’t think there’s a lot of sentiment for it,” Osborne said. “I know that there are a couple people that are interested in that, but I don’t know, there’s not been a push for it yet.”

There are only four days left in the legislative session.

WAVE 3 News on Thursday attempted to ask Gov. Matt Bevin about his thoughts on teacher demands, but he declined to respond to the question multiple times.

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