Notable bills headed for final stretch of KY legislative session

Bills still being tweaked in final four days of legislative session

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - Teachers have been protesting a number of education-related bills in Frankfort this week, but time is running out to pass a number of other notable pieces of legislation too.

There are only four legislative days left this session. Those are the days when lawmakers can vote on bills.

House Speaker David Osborne said HB 175, which would legalize sports betting, online poker and fantasy sports, is still being tweaked.

But he said it’s not dead yet.

Medical marijuana has passed a house committee just this week, but still would have to find consensus to be passed in the full House, and would have to go through the whole process again in the Senate.

Minority Floor Leader Morgan McGarvey said its not likely it will pass this session, but could be more viable next year due to the progress its made.

Osborne said at the start of the year that reform to the teacher pension system might not get passed this session.

Thursday, he said at this point in the year, lawmakers still haven’t agreed on what to do to fill the states pension shortfall.

“We continue to work on it, continue to find some common ground on that,” Osborne said. “We’ve made a lot of progress this session. I think we’ll continue to make progress and hopefully find resolution.”

The legislature does not meet in full until Tuesday. There are committee meetings scheduled on Monday though.

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