Girl surprised with party after classmates ripped up invitations

First responders help local 11-year-old celebrate birthday

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A story that started with heartbreak, ended with pure joy for one young girl.

Nancy Eddins was excited about her birthday until her party invitations were ripped in front of her by classmates, according to her mother, Stephanie.

Her mother claimed Nancy had been bullied before but was crushed that no one would come to celebrate her turning 11. That is, until Stephanie reached out to some of her friends, from Metro ABC, Louisville Metro Police Department and Pleasure Ridge Fire Department.

The groups quickly got together with local businesses like Kroger and ended up with an evening full of magic that included talking hats, color changing drinks and a 9 3/4 Platform that transported her friends to the school of witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts.

Nancy is a big Harry Potter fan. But to keep the party a secret, her mother told her she signed them up to volunteer to clean up at Valley High School.

From the moment they walked in, Nancy was overwhelmed.

"I really was not expecting this," Nancy said.

Kroger brought along a sorting hat and assigned the "new students" to their houses, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.

The children then visited Ollivanders, the wand shop where the wands picked their new owners.

"I like it a lot," Nancy said. "I'm mostly excited, surprised, and, like, all around happy to be here."

There was face painting, balloons and even a Centaur.

Several Metro ABC employees brought their families to celebrate. Almost every division with LMPD was represented and several PRP firefighters joined in the fun too. Even Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer proclaimed March 12, Nancy's day and urged everyone to celebrate her birthday.

Nancy's mother told WAVE 3 News just how much the surprise meant to her and to Nancy, who now has many new friends, including an LMPD K9 named Buster.

After blowing out her birthday candles, Nancy also got to open the dozens of birthday cards and presents showing her how much people care about her by making her birthday a magical one.

Jefferson County Public School spokeswoman Renee Murphy said they love to see the community come together to support children and believe that is always important. She said they were recently made aware of the invitations incident. Murphy said they have reached out to the family to see how they can best help and resolve any problems.

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