PHOTOS: Severe weather hits WAVE Country

Strong winds leave storm damage all across WAVE Country

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Severe weather is made a slow crawl through Indiana and Kentucky on Thursday, leaving a fair amount of damage in its wake.

WAVE 3 News viewers and crews sent back some photos of the damage.

Take a look at the images (story continues below):

Howard Knott owns a building in Brandenburg that’s home to a shop and apartments. After Thursday’s high winds and storm, it needs a new roof.

“We had some strong, gusty winds,” Knott said. “Just took it from the back and whipped it right on off.”

Knott said he’s already called his insurance to start the clean up process.

“Kind of made me aggravated because we just put [the roof] on two years ago,” Knott said.

Joel Pierce lives in one of the apartments at the building in Brandenburg. He was home when the storm hit.

“I heard the wind blowing and I thought I better get up and move my truck out of the way,” Pierce recalled. “I got back in the house that's when the roof blew off.”

The roof collapsed on the parking lot in front of the building, landing on and near a parked van.

No injuries were reported.

In Brownstown, Indiana, a barn was damaged on Greg Reedy’s neighbor’s property. He said he called his neighbor to tell him about the damage.

“He’s been wanting to get rid of these grain bins for a while and I told him, I said, ‘Well you got your wish come true,’" Reedy said. “One of them is about 100 yards away from where it’s supposed to be.”

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