Positively WAVE: Canada goose running around with an arrow through it has been caught, saved

Wild, injured goose caught after weeks-long chase

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For weeks, people near Lake Shelby in Shelby County have been on a wild goose chase.

Someone spotted a Canada goose with an arrow shot through its side. Since then, people from Shelbyville have been trying to catch the bird.

One family made it their mission to find the goose that was injured, but it was almost impossible to catch.

Val Hoy decided to take on the challenge.

“It’s just sad that somebody was so careless,” Hoy said.

It was spotted three weeks ago.

“My wife told me one night, ‘There’s a goose stuck with an arrow right through it,’” Hoy said.

Hoy said he went out Wednesday, saw the bird, but couldn’t secure it.

“You get 20 feet away from a goose and they’re gone,” said Hoy. “I’ve spoken to a couple people from the Fish and Wildlife Department, and parks; no one can seem to get close to it. They’ve offered to help but again you’ve got to find it first.”

After another paddle, row, and stroke around the lake, it was spotted.

Hoy found himself on a wild goose chase, again.

The goose zigged and zagged and dashed into the woods.

Hoy dashed, zagged and zigged right along with it, doing what no one else could do.

“I knew it would happen the way I thought,” he said. “Run him into the tree line, he’d get caught, I’d catch him.”

After the pursuit, Hoy and the goose took a breather, then made their way to getting help for the wounded goose.

Canada geese are federally, and state protected. Whoever shot the arrow into the goose, if found, could face a fine as well as jail time. The Hoys said they’ll take the goose to an animal hospital to hopefully get it rehabilitated, so it can get back to Shelby Lake.

Anyone with information about who shot the goose is urged to call 1-800-25-ALERT, or contact your local Kentucky State Police post.

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