Pass the Cash: Family of child with spina bifida gets money for handicap-accessible room

Pass the Cash: Family of child with spina bifida gets money for handicapped-accessible room

SCOTTSBURG, IN (WAVE) - It was a very detailed Pass the Cash nomination form that led WAVE 3 News to Scottsburg, Indiana.

Erick was looking for ways to help his friend Jennifer and her daughter, Kaylee.

Kaylee is a typical 12 year old girl. She loves to dance, watch tv and get her nails painted but Kaylee has been through a lot.

“Kaylee was born with spina bifida,” Erick explained. “She’s been in a wheelchair pretty much her whole life.”

He said Kaylee also suffers from epilepsy.

Despite all she has gone through, Kaylee is strong and growing. And now, she’s outgrown her family’s house.

“They’ve started a project to expand the house,” Erick said.

WAVE 3 News jumped to help the family, passing $300, plus another $300 from Paul Stevens. The John Jones Auto Group in Scottsburg pitched in another $100.

“It takes people coming together to help," Erick said. “One thing I love about living in Scottsburg and Scott County is we help each other.”

Jennifer would never ask for money from friends, but she needs it.

“I’m in shock but it’s amazing because this little girl deserves to have a room," she said.

Jennifer told us why the room is so important to her family.

“She’s approximately 83 pounds,” Jennifer said of Kaylee. “Trying to carry her back and forth is hard. She’s getting ready to turn 13 in May. She’s slept back in my bedroom with me for going on 13 years.”

The room they are working on is so hard to fund and build.

“It’s going to have a complete handicap bathroom for her and we’re going to install a tracking get her in and out of the bed and in and out of the wheelchair,” Jennifer explained.

Right now it’s a dream. With a little support it could be a reality.

Jennifer and her family have no idea how much the room will cost or even how long it will take. In total, WAVE 3 News passed the family $700 to help fund the room with everything Kaylee needs.

But that won’t be nearly enough.

There will be a chili supper fundraiser for the family on March 30 at the Inter Urban Barn at Scottsburg’s Lake 3-7.

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