LMPD honors outstanding officers and civilians

City honors LMPD officers who go above, beyond duty

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Over 100 officers and civilians were recognized for their dedication to the city at the annual Louisville Metro Police Department award ceremony.

K9 Officer John Kirk and his K9 partner Bosco were honored Friday. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
K9 Officer John Kirk and his K9 partner Bosco were honored Friday. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

One of the honorees was K9 Officer John Kirk and his K9 partner Bosco.

“He knows me better than some people know me,” Kirk said. “He knows how I feel.”

The unstoppable team received Medals of Valor.

“He’s much more deserving of it than me, I believe,” Kirk said.

Kirk said LMPD officers were pursuing a suspect who was believed to have kidnapped his own girlfriend. The suspect crashed his car and ran away. Kirk released Bosco.

“Right before Bosco went to apprehend him, the suspect turned around and pointed a gun at us and it was at that time Bosco engaged the arm with the gun and caused him to drop the gun,” Kirk said. “The script would have been written a little bit differently if he wasn’t there.”

It’s an unbreakable bond proven time and time again. Remember when Bosco got stuck in a wall while catching several suspects?

“There is nothing he wouldn’t do that I asked him for, he probably does more then what I ask him for,” Kirk said.

That same determination to serve and protect was shown by 3rd Division Officer Jeremy Woller, receiving the medal of honor after running into a burning apartment building.

“There was a person on the second floor screaming for help,” Woller said. “I saw that, stopped, ran around the building and knew I just had to go in and find that person. Do whatever I could to try and get them out of the apartment.”

He found not only one person, but two -- and led them to safety.

“Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time,” Woller said.

Also honored, fallen LMPD detective Deidre Mengedoht. Her family, including her son, accepted the Purple Heart and Medal of Honor awarded to the detective who gave her life in the line of duty.

Mengedoht was killed during a traffic stop on Christmas Eve.

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