Pill press discovered in Louisville helps police nab suspected Maryland drug dealer

Pill press discovered in Louisville helps police nab suspected Maryland drug dealer
A pill press headed out of state was found in Louisville and led to an arrest. (Source: CBP)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A drug bust in progress was missing just one piece - until officials in Louisville made a big discovery.

On February 25, Baltimore County Police in Maryland were able to arrest Meir Lazar for a complex drug operation, according to Customs and Border Protection. Police there said Lazar received 10 international parcels in the last seven months - each containing drugs.

The arrest came after a number of drugs were found during a search warrant on Lazar’s house - which netted three firearms, scales, cocaine, ecstasy pills, LSD stamps, meth, mushrooms, marijuana and THC-laced oils and candies, But police said it was the discovery of a pill press in Louisville that was being shipped to Lazar from China that led them to conduct the search in the first place.

Pill presses are used to compress powder into pills.

“When you and I go to a pharmacy we get prescriptions that have been tested and approved by the FDA," Thomas Mahn with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said. "These presses are pretty much people in their garden sheds, trailers, basements - mixing ingredients with no specialized experience, just something they pulled off a website, and are distributing that across the country.”

CBP worked closely with police to identify packages being shipped to Lazar’s residence that were later seized by officials.

Lazar is facing a slew of charges and more are expected to be added as the investigation continues.

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