StormTALK! Monday Edition

StormTALK! Monday Edition

2 more day of winter left...and no winter weather to be found anywhere close-by!

StormTALK! Monday Edition

The jet stream pattern is slowing down this week and that means longer gaps in between systems. This is good news in letting us dry out in addition to gaining some decent warm spells without the worries of thunderstorms.

The main weather feature this week will be a front moves through Wednesday/Thursday. But it will have limitations to it due to dry air.


Wednesday daytime... clouds increase fairly quick. The radar may light up with rain but current thinking is we will have temperatures near 50 when that happens with dewpoints in the 30s. Those two values are far enough a part to keep a limit to any rainfall. Much of it will struggle to reach the ground and in spots that it can, it will be light.

Wednesday evening... we do gain enough moisture that if we are going to see some showers around, this seems to be the main window. Again, spotty and light.

Thursday... the system exits stage right with any rain chance early ...fading away fairly quick. The cloud deck may linger for a few hours and that will impact our highs that afternoon for some.

High pressure then moves over us Thursday and Friday. Any warming looks slow ...even with sunshine. Once the high pressure moves to our EAST Saturday, we have a better combination of sunshine and south winds to push us well into the 60s. That trend will keep going into Sunday as 70 is reachable.

There will be a fairly decent low pressure over Texas this weekend with rain/thunderstorms. The track/forward motion on this one continues to vary on the data trends. We are going with a slower speed for now which means much of the weekend would be dry.

Stay tuned for updates for that timing as it will fluctuate as we get closer.

Overall, not a bad setup this week!

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