Gibson Co. Schools adding cameras to bus stop-arms

Gibson Co. Schools adding cameras to bus stop-arms

GIBSON CO., IN (WFIE) - Brittany and Shane Ingle are a driving force behind the “Max Strong Bill.”

It’s named after their three children: Mason Ingle, Alivia Stahl, and Xzavier Ingle. All three died when a driver came speeding past a school bus back in October.

The bill already passed the Senate, but is seeing some push-back in the House. Included in the bill are safety changes at bus stops and stop arm cameras with enforcement.

This bill has a lot of people excited in our community that real change will happen. 14 News spoke with a bus driver, who says this new law gives her peace of mind.

Jonita Greene has been driving school buses in Gibson County for more than 16 years.

“They know I’m just trying to keep them safe, I call them my precious cargo, I’m just trying to keep them safe,” explains Greene.

A goal that can be hard at times, especially when cars fly right by her bus, with her stop arm out.

“Sometimes they blow by and they’re giving you the what for, like umm my arm was out and you just blew by,” Greene says.

Stop arm violations have become a constant issue. Just last week the Gibson County Sheriff’s Office had five incidents, two of which ended in arrests.

The new bill being voted on by Indiana legislators will call for tougher penalties and encourage all school buses to have stop arm cameras installed. Before that bill passes, Gibson County Schools are already adding stop-arm cameras to their buses.

“I love it because it’s just another way we can protect the kids if you, ‘well I didn’t blow by you’ we got you coming and going buddy smile you’re on candid camera we got you,” says Greene.

Now, as Greene waits to see if the new law passes, she will keep doing her part to keep every child safe.

“They look to me to say it’s clear to come on, because you’re looking in your mirrors, looking behind you beside you everywhere so my little kids know to look at me to know whether or not its safe to come or not,” Greene explains.

Right now 30 buses in the North Gibson School Corporation have stop arm cameras. Those cameras give a clear picture of the license plates and driver.

District leaders hope to update all buses in the near future.

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