Police impersonator still on the run in Shelby County

Police impersonator accused of robbery on the run in Shelby County

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Impersonating police officers, experts say, happens a lot more than you think.

A Shelby County woman was targeted Tuesday.

Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies are still looking for the phony cop who robbed a woman in the middle of the afternoon.

The Sheriff’s Office said they’ve never seen a fake cop take it this far, but WAVE 3 News Security Expert D’Shawn Johnson said this is becoming increasingly more common.

“With the internet, you can buy anything,” Johnson said. “You can buy a fake police badge, fake police uniform, you could buy blue lights to install on your car.”

Johnson said if you ever feel uncomfortable being pulled over, follow your gut.

“First thing you want to do is acknowledge that you see the officer, put your flashers on and go a little slower,” Johnson said.

Continue driving slowly to a populated and well lit area, like a gas station, while calling 911 to verify the stop is legitimate.

Johnson said all you have to do is give 911 dispatchers your name and location. They’ll be able to tell you if the traffic stop is real, plus you can ask them to stay on the phone with you.

“If he’s in uniform, you can identify the uniform, the patches, the badge and you could also ask the officer’s name and badge number,” Johnson said.

If an officer in plain clothes pulls you over, you can still ask to see his identification. Johnson said they have a special I.D.

If you still feel weird, don’t be afraid to say so. Johnson said a real officer will understand.

“Roll your window down a little bit and say, ‘Officer I’m uncomfortable, I’m a female, or I’m by myself, can you please have another unit come, or if you have a supervisor come to the area, or a marked unit to make me feel more comfortable,’” Johnson said.

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