‘He always had that sparkle': Family of teen shot in Shively remembers his life

Family mourns teenager killed in Shively over cell phone

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Family has identified the teen shot in Shively early Saturday morning as 17 year-old Chaves Moore.

Moore was killed after a party in the 4100 block of Cane Run Road just after midnight.

Witnesses say the March Madness party had ended and teens were waiting for their rides, when the shooter stole Moore’s cell phone. A fight broke out between the two, and witnesses say the shooter pulled a gun.

Police said Moore died on scene.

The family of Moore spoke through their pain on Sunday, repeating that he didn’t deserve this. Moore was about to graduate, looking towards college or the military. He was a sports fanatic who loved his family and friends.

Moore’s Grandfather, Joseph Williams, remembers him as a joker with a personality that could make anyone smile.

“When he would smile his eyes would close and he had this twinkle,” Joseph recalled. “They would do nothing but light up the room.”

Moore had that electric charm since the beginning, according to Joseph.

“Ever since he was a little kid, he always had that sparkle, that little twinkle in his eye,” Joseph said. “He always had the competitiveness. He always loved sports, football and basketball - that was his thing.”

A star athlete, loved by everyone he met, kind to all and focused on the future.

“He just made me so proud,” Joseph said.

Shots were fired in Shively after a fight over a cell phone.
Shots were fired in Shively after a fight over a cell phone. (Source: Michael Williams)

Romele Heran, Moore’s cousin, said they were always together. He described Moore as a loving and caring man.

“I want the world to know he’s a good person,” Heran said. “He didn’t deserve that, at all. I promise you. People are just jealous and stupid.”

Heran said Moore asked him to come to the party, but he did not go.

“I feel like I should have gone with him,” Heran said. “I love him and I mean that. He’s always going to be with everybody in this room.”

Moore was ripped away from his tight-knit family.

“Over a freaking phone ... over a phone. His phone,” Joseph repeated in disbelief.

That phone sparked the fight between Moore and the shooter - the fight no one saw coming.

“I watched him walk out the door,” Joseph said. “I knew he was going to be out with his friends. He said, ‘Pops, you got $10 for me?’ I said, ‘You’re going to pay me back?’ He’s always saying he’s going to pay me back. He would say ‘I got you.’ His favorite words were ‘I got you’.”

Witnesses say the party was a fun time. It went off without a hitch. No one understands what happened after all was said and done.

“The city needs to do something as far as giving these kids something to do because they’re bored,” Moore’s aunt, Tammy Williams, said. “They’re out killing people for no reason. They don’t understand repercussions.”

Those are repercussions Moore’s aunt says will catch up with the shooter one day.

“I pray for you. I pray for you. My heart goes out to you because you need healing, and if you didn’t have the love that Chavez had, I’m sorry sweetie,” Tammy said. “I wish you did, but I pray for you. It’s not anything that anybody can do to harm you, because karma will get you. God will take care of it.”

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