Lawmakers, political parties respond to summary of Mueller report

Lawmakers, political parties respond to summary of Mueller report
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Kentucky politicians and political parties weighed in on Sunday after Attorney General William Barr issued a summary of principal conclusions of the Mueller report.

Congressman John Yarmuth issued a statement saying the summary left many questions unanswered and called for the full report and underlying evidence to be revealed to the public. The full statement from Congressman Yarmuth is below:

“The Attorney General’s summary leaves many questions unanswered. We still don’t know exactly what Trump campaign officials knew and did, even if they could not be successfully prosecuted for a crime. That is why the full report and all underlying evidence must be released to the American people. Most important, we now have the most credible assessment that Russia influenced our elections. We must have a government-wide commitment to defend ourselves against further Russian electoral sabotage.”

The Republican Party of Kentucky also issued a statement Sunday, saying the report confirmed the President’s repeated statements that there was no collusion. The full statement from the Kentucky Republican Party is below:

“The Mueller Report confirmed what President Trump has said all along – there was no collusion,” Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Mac Brown said. “While Kentucky Democrats like John Yarmuth and others keep grinding the obstructionist ax of their so-called Resistance Movement, Republican-led reforms under President Trump and our statewide leadership team continue to deliver results like record economic growth and historically low unemployment. It is beyond time for Democrats to stop their partisan games and get back to work to help Kentucky continue to grow and thrive.”

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