Man arrested after allegedly inappropriately grabbing woman in Walmart restroom

Officials say the incident happened at the Walmart in Clarksville off Veterans Parkway.
Updated: Mar. 25, 2019 at 5:57 PM EDT

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Police say a man was in a women’s restroom at a southern Indiana Walmart when he inappropriately grabbed a woman.

Officials say the incident happened at the Walmart in Clarksville off Veterans Parkway. Police arrested the suspect on-site, but when they found him they say he was on a computer in the electronics department looking up something on the internet.

The suspect, Nathaniel Brown, told police that he “bumped” into the victim, who was a Walmart employee. That’s not what she says happened. On Friday, Clarksville police say a woman was washing her hands when a man came up behind her out of a stall and grabbed her inappropriately.

According to a police document, she was able to elbow him in the chest and got away, she ran to find a manager.

"She did all the right things a victim should do," Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said.

The victim described the suspect and Walmart employees found him in the store. That’s when Brown had some questions for store managers. He wanted to know why there wasn’t a transgender restroom at the Walmart.

When Clarksville Police got to the store, they found Brown. Police say they found meth and syringes on Brown while he was in the store.

“He was in the electronics section of Walmart doing research there about laws that pertain to transgender bathrooms,” Mull said. “Whether that was a legitimate inquiry he was doing or some sort of defense that he was simply exploring to assert in this case, I don’t know. And again, it’s irrelevant consideration. What’s important is that a female who was working hard went into the restroom was allegedly sexually assaulted battered by this individual.”

He was also out on bond for other pending cases.

“Whether or not drugs played a role in this, I don’t now at this time,” Mull said. “Certainly individuals taking methamphetamine can act in a variety of abnormal and illegal ways.”

Brown is facing charges of sexual battery, possession of meth and a syringe. Mull says because Brown was already out on bond, he’s filing a habitual offender enhancement to this case and filed motions to revoke his bond.

WAVE 3 News did speak to the victim.

She was very upset and declined to speak with us. She says she will be looking for a new job.

A Walmart employee said they are conducting their own investigation.

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