Pass the Cash: Single mother needs help to get new accessible van

Pass the Cash: Single mother needs help to get new accessible van

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A single mother with two children in wheelchairs needs a new way to get them around.

Several people nominated Julie for Pass the Cash and WAVE 3 News knew we wanted to help.

“Julie is a mother with two boys that have Lowe syndrome,” her friend Tiffany explained. “It’s a disease that affects their kidneys, their eyes and cognitive abilities.”

Tiffany said Julie’s oldest boy has always been reliant on a wheelchair but now her younger son has osteoporosis and needs his chair more and more.

“Her accessible van is on its last leg,” Tiffany said. “She is constantly putting more and more money into trying to keep it going 'cause that’s what she depends on to take her boys to all their appointments.”

When Julie’s van stops, so does her possibility of getting her boys the care they need daily. Her current van is an unreliable money trap and with both boys relying on their wheelchairs to be mobile she needs a van that is able to handle both wheelchairs.

WAVE 3 News started with $300, and with an anonymous $200 donation had $500 to pass to Julie.

We caught her totally off guard. She was overjoyed and overwhelmed.

“Some days are better than others but they’re good boys and they’re happy and we do what we can,” Julie said.

Julie gives absolutely all that she has to her boys. Their situation is critical and rare.

“Only women carry the gene. Boys get the disease and I’m one of 14 or 15 people in the world that have two boys with it,” she explained.

Julie is still pretty far from reaching her goal to pay for a new van, but friends and a GoFundMe that was set up to benefit the boys may help.

“It’s really difficult to ask for help, but she knows at this point she has to cause she cannot do it on her own,” Tiffany said.

For more information about Lowe Syndrome Association, click here.

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