StormTALK! Thursday Edition

StormTALK! Thursday Edition

Changes are coming with Saturday still the biggest day of change coming our way...


StormTALK! Thursday Edition

In the short-term... clouds will increase at times but we will still get some decent “blue sky” periods to develop. That, combined with south winds, will help push us into the 70s. Breezy at times later but still nice!

Tonight a wave of moisture moves in from the west. This looks to bring a scattered shower chance later tonight into Friday. They do look light and scattered but it will allow for a slower rise in temperatures Friday. The data still points to some dry air in the afternoon and perhaps some sun breaks. Kentucky stands a better chance at this than Indiana. The difference in that setup is highs in the 50s/60s vs 60s/70s.

Saturday. This is a tough one as we have a slow moving cold front sliding in and a couple waves of energy zipping along that. The timing of all of these features will impact rainfall timing (of course), any potential thunder (non-severe) and temperatures.

As it stands now, there looks to be an early wave of rain that will pass through. The cold front is showing signs of speeding up a tad so this may bring in more showers for the afternoon. Certainly for areas near/north of the Ohio River. The final wave of energy moves in during the evening with what looks to be our heaviest of the rain and potential thunder. With all this action, temperatures may struggle to move much in the 50s/60s. The more you see breaks in the rain (and the more south you are) the warmer you will get.

What is also interesting is what I mentioned yesterday about the cold air catching up to the final wave of moisture. The air will be drying out at the same time but the two zones could overlap for some snowflakes later Saturday night. We will be above freezing and obviously the ground is warm so I don’t see any issues at all with this. But perhaps a slight winter taste?

The temperature drop will be more of an issue as some could see a 20 degree drop in a few hours time Saturday night. Get ready!

More on all of the above plus a glance at some of the new data toward ‘THUNDER’!

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