Group working to help puppy left for dead in Gallatin County, KY

Group working to help puppy left for dead in Gallatin County, KY

GALLATIN COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - HART Cincinnati is working to help a 5-week-old puppy that was dumped and left for dead in Gallatin County, Ky.

“The homeowner said that said that he had been ditched at the end of her driveway at some point overnight,” HART’s Katie Goodpaster said. “She wasn’t sure where he came from, who ditched him and she took him to the shelter immediately.”

That’s when HART got the call and drove down to Gallatin County on Monday morning to retrieve the dog that had very little life left in him.

“He was severely dehydrated, had crusty sores all over his body, he was semi-comatose which means he was hardly responsive at all,” County Animal Hospital Vet Dr. Gary Smith said.

Goodpaster said he’s only 1.8 lbs.

“He’s 5 weeks old and I don’t know how somebody could do this to their dog,” she said.

Currently the dog, nicknamed Woodstock, is receiving treatment at County Animal Hospital but the damage to his fur coat is so extensive it’s been tough for rescuers to determine what breed of dog he is. HART tells FOX19 this is their second trip into Kentucky in less than a week for a rescue call.

“The first dog we grabbed last week, his name is Snoopy, a 6-month-old black lab mix that had been put on somebodies back porch in a crate to die,” Goodpaster said.

If you’d like to help with Woodstock or Snoopy’s medical expenses you can do so by visiting HART’s website. Woodstock will not be up for adoption until he is given a clean bill of health.

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