StormTALK! Tuesday Edition

StormTALK! Tuesday Edition

Warming things up over the next several days. Along with a few ...interruptions.


StormTALK! Tuesday Edition

Here is the best way once again to explain timeline.

Today/Wednesday.... clouds leave today. Roll back in tomorrow. The warming process will continue regardless with many pushing 60° today and nearing 70° Wednesday. Oh, and staying dry.

Thursday afternoon... increasing clouds with still some decent sun breaks. This looks to be a warm setup into the lower 70s at least. A few spotty afternoon t-storms will be possible but I think most will remain dry for a good chunk of the daylight period.

Thursday night/Friday... waves of showers and perhaps thunderstorms. Some of the downpours could be locally heavy. How warm we get on Friday will depend on how quickly this system decides to leave town. We have 60s on the table for now.

Saturday... looks dry with passing high level clouds. Really nice warming setup here of 75-80 potentially. Most will be in the 70-75 range away from the city.

Sunday... breezy and warm. A better chance to warm into that 75-80 zone again but the increase in clouds and addition of scattered late day showers may keep many of you in the 65-75 range instead. Long sun breaks can do wonders this time of the year so I would not rule out the potential for the entire weekend to be near 80 for highs!

Sunday night/Monday... showers and thunderstorms. Some could be strong but that looks isolated and mainly south right now. Cooler weather moves back in for Monday.

Toward ‘Thunder’ Weekend: More data today pointing to an exiting rain system Friday night with high pressure taking over Saturday. This could mean clouds early then clearing and cool. Warming up in the afternoon to the 50s/60s. A stronger system with strong warming will more in from the west by Sunday or Monday that following week. That system looks to have 70s/80s with it along with gusty winds. Thunderstorms would be likely as the core passes overhead.

So where does that leave us? All about the speed of these features above. Faster timing could put us into that warm zone but if it moves too fast, we’d end up in the t-storm zone as well. A slower speed? The cooler, light rain system could linger into Saturday. So let’s hope we can fit perfecting in the “break" in between the two!!

Lots will still change on this but wanted you to at least get a snapshot of how it looks this far out... enjoy!!

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