Firefighters pose with puppies to promote fostering of animals

Jeffersonville Fire posing with pups to raise awareness for pet fostering

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - There are a few new recruits hanging around the fire station in Jeffersonville who need a lot of extra attention.

Every one of them is a foster dog.

"If we can use our big red trucks to bring awareness to a positive cause, then we’re going to do it,” Sgt. Justin Ames, spokesman for the Jeffersonville Fire Department, said.

The department hopes that by posing with these pups, they can help spread awareness for adoption. They want to encourage people to get puppies from foster parents and adoption services, not from breeders.

“Every time we pull a dog from the shelter, it opens up a space for another dog,” Elizabeth Starck, foster parent and fundraising coordinator for Southern Indiana Animal Rescue, said. “So technically you’re saving two dogs.”

The dogs at the fire department, with the exception of Acorn, are all fostered by Lacy Rauch.

Rauch got to know these firefighters last year when two of her dogs were swept into a drainage system. First responders got the dogs out and gave Lacy an appreciation for helping other animals, which led her to fostering.

“My first foster that I took in was for Save One Soul and she was actually starved. So I started with her,” Rauch said.

Then came the mom of these new pups, already pregnant.

“I was so thankful because I got to take her in and we got to birth the pups. Now, here we are, eight weeks old and they all have homes,” Rauch said. “It’s just really rewarding and if you’re thinking about fostering, you should. You really should.”

One of the puppies, Luke, will soon join the DeArk family.

“We get him next Wednesday,” Tori DeArk said.

Luke will join three other dogs at their home. DeArk jokes that Luke’s calm demeanor will be welcomed among their energetic pups.

Tori’s father, Bruce DeArk, has spent many years with the fire department and is beating his battle with cancer. After a tumultuous year, quiet little Luke is a welcome addition to their lives.

“After this year, it’s like a little gift that’s been given to us,” DeArk said. “I’m so excited, my whole family is excited.”

Acorn still needs a home. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Acorn still needs a home. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

With every photo taken inside the fire department, they hope to spread support to foster parents and the animals they shelter, making sure pups just like these ones find those forever homes.

“Who doesn’t love firefighters and puppies?” Starck said. “It’s two amazing things.”

All of the puppies in Rauch’s litter have been adopted out to forever homes. Acorn the dog is still in need of a home.

For more information on available animals for adoption, visit the Southern Indiana Animal Rescue website.

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