Pass the Cash: WAVE Country woman receives double lung transplant, needs new vehicle

Pass The Cash: WAVE Country woman with double lung transport needs new vehicle

MT. WASHINGTON, KY (WAVE) - Friends from all over Mount Washington and Webster Kentucky nominated Tracy for Pass The Cash.

“Last year she had a double lung transplant,” friend Patty said. “She was diagnosed with IPF - Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - which is incurable.”

IPF is a devastating disease which occurs when tissue deep inside the lungs becomes thick and scarred. Breathing then becomes very difficult or impossible.

“She received her double lung transplant and about a month ago she went to the doctor and she’s having some challenges with rejection now,” Patty said.

And with possible rejection, comes more doctor visits, more medicine and more bills.

Now, in the midst of all this, Tracy’s transmission on her car is no longer functional, which means no transportation.

“Right now she is really struggling,” Patty said. “Not being able to know for sure that she’s going to be able to make her appointments when she needs to and ultimately it’s the doctors appointments are what’s keeping her alive.”

Patty, with the help of WAVE 3 News, and the Lawsons, was able to pass $550 to Tracy.

Tracy told WAVE 3 News she knows just how blessed she is, but the battles with bills and now the fight to try to keep her new lungs healthy is a bit overwhelming.

“It gets to me but I’m alive,” Tracy said. “I just keep looking at -- I’m alive. I was blessed with lungs so I’m alive."

There is a GoFundMe set up to help Tracy on her journey to get a reliable vehicle.

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