Pass the Cash: Neighbor reaches out to family in need

Pass the Cash: Neighbor reaches out to family in need

NEW ALBANY, KY (WAVE) - You don’t have to know people very long to care about them, especially when you see they may need a little care.

Two neighbors in New Albany didn’t really know each other that well, but the neighbor passing the cash saw and heard enough to know that this could be the difference this family needed.

Tylisha stopped us to tell us about her neighbors.

“They have three children which go to school with my girls and play together,” she said. “We meet at the bus stop every morning and put the kids on the bus.”

During this short time together, Tylisha got to know Angie a little better each day. Neither Angie or her husband, Nathan, are working. Tylisha knows Nathan is disabled.

“He can walk but not really get around like that,” she explained. “He’s done had multiple surgeries. He takes lots of medication. He really can’t do much. He can’t get out much.”

Tylisha also knew her neighbors were looking to move.

WAVE 3 News started with $300 to pass to Angie and Nathan. The people of New Albany gave us more to come to a total of $494.

When we got to their apartment, the couple was confused. With no TV, Angie and Nathan had no idea what Pass the Cash is or what it actually means.

But when we started counting the money, mouths dropped and tears began to fall with each dollar.

“We needed this so bad,” Nathan said in disbelief. “God bless you. Oh thank you so much!”

It took a little time and a lot of tears as they explained with no family and so many problems, they just can’t do it alone.

“We’re moving to get closer to my parents,” Angie said.

Making a difference feels better than making just about anything else in the world.

If you’d like to Pass the Cash, click or tap here to nominate someone deserving. Remember you cannot give it to family and you can’t keep it. You will be notified if selected.

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