Metro Council passes animal abuse registry ordinance

Louisville creates animal abuser registry

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Proponents of a new Louisville ordinance claim Kentucky’s animal abuse laws rank last in the nation.

They're hoping new rules that put a face on the ugly crime could change that, adding an abuse registry is a tool that cities like Chicago and states like Tennessee have already adopted.

That's something animal advocate Pam Daniels wants to see.

"They're the only thing that gives us unconditional love," Daniels said. "They love us more than they love themselves."

Daniels said she's been working with Metro Council to track abusers after a dog on her street got struck by an arrow.

"I have leukemia," Daniels said. "So far, I'm doing great, but before something happens to me, I'd really like to see some changes in Kentucky."

An animal abuser registry, much like a sex offender registry, is something she said would help more than just animals. Some council members said they agree, noting animal abusers could turn into serial killers, sex offenders or commit domestic violence.

After a process spanning months, Daniels’ wishes came true.

An ordinance crafted by Brandon Coan passed Metro Council easily Thursday.

It creates an animal abuser registry that would require those convicted or pleading to related state crimes to sign up and be listed for two years if the crime happened in Jefferson County, or that person lived there and committed it somewhere else.

“From dog fighting to cruel and unusual torture of an animal,” Coan said. “This be a hoarder, I think that in certain circumstances, sure. You know, the prosecutors have discretion.”

In turn, the ordinance requires places like pet stores and pet adoption nonprofits to look at the public list and ensure no animal gets in the hands of someone that could hurt it.

Similar legislation didn't get far at the state level this year, but supporters of that push said they're not giving up.

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