Scott County Jail lockdown only part of sheriff’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach to drugs

Scott County sheriff locks down jail in response to drugs found

SCOTTSBURG, IN (WAVE) - The Scott County Jail is the middle of week-long lockdown initiated by Sheriff Jerry Goodin after drugs were found Tuesday.

One-hundred-76 inmates are cut off from certain privileges until Monday. Goodin says it’s a lesson that every action has its consequence -- and not just for you.

The punishment: no visitors, no commissary, no classes, no phone, and no TV.

“Those are at the discretion of the sheriff and they need to understand that’s what we’re allowing them to do," Goodin said. "And when they mess up and step out of line, that’s when we step in and say, ‘No it don’t work like that.’”

Goodin says the inmates need to learn their actions affect way more people than they know.

“I ran for sheriff to make a difference,” Goodin said. “I didn’t run for sheriff because I needed a job or a pay raise, I ran because I wanted to make this county a better place for my kids and grandkids.”

It’s not just a zero tolerance policy for those behind bars.

“You got three choices: you can stop dealing, you can move out of our county, or you’re going to jail,” Goodin said. “We are not going to do things the way they’ve always been done. This is not a game. This is not a basketball game where we keep score, whoever has the most points win -- these are people’s lives.”

Although the numbers don’t matter to Goodin, he says the goal is to eliminate as many dealers as they can.

“We don’t chase locations,” Goodin said. “Just for example, we made a drug arrest in a local restaurant. We didn’t chase that location, we’re chasing the dope.”

His office is pushing the boundaries and digging deeper, even opening investigations into every overdose death.

“We made the arrest of a female involved directly in an overdose case and that’s just where it’s starting,” Goodin said. “Every overdose case we have, they can expect there’s going to be detectives from the Scott County Sheriff’s Department.”

Goodin says they are working with experts and the prosecutor’s office to gather the information they need to make convictions in overdose deaths.

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