StormTALK! Friday Update

StormTALK! Friday Update

Main focus for this update is on the severe potential Sunday afternoon...


StormTALK! Sunday Severe

Sunday will start off active with rain/thunderstorms in the area before the sun even comes up. The question will be how the mid morning to early afternoon period shapes up.

A strong low pressure will track very close to WAVE Country in a SW to NE fashion. The timing of this passage will line up to the max heating of the afternoon period. But will heating actually occur? This is another classic sun or no sun setup...

Latest data trends still support a break in the clouds for central/eastern Kentucky in the 2pm-6pm window. This would allow those locations to surge into the 70s with dewpoints in the 60s. When you combine that with the wind fields, severe supercells become increasingly likely.

While that threat is indeed there, there is always a risk this far out that timing is off and the “break in the clouds” may not even occur or occur later than the max heating hours of the day. That would limit the severe threat a great deal.

So this is what we call a ‘conditional threat’ but we want you all to at least be aware of this potential given a busy weekend ahead of us.

Stay close for more updates on this setup...

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