ThunderTALK! Update

ThunderTALK! Update

Main focus for this video will on Saturday’s forecast.


ThunderTALK! Update

10am-3pm Dry. Partly skies for some. Clouds a bit more in coverage over KY vs IN. Temperatures warm into the 60s.

3pm-6pm Continued dry look. High cloud deck rolls in. Still some filtered sunshine. The amount of sun will determine warmth, 60s/70s likely.

6pm-9pm Cloud deck will start to lower with rain chance entering the picture but remaining in the 10-20% range. Temperatures ease back into the lower 60s. NE wind.

9pm-10pm Mainly cloudy if not overcast. Showers possible but they would likely be light and spotty if they can even develop. Temperatures in the upper 50s/lower 60s.

10pm-Midnight Cloudy. More spotty showers develop on the radar. Especially west of I-65. Temperatures steady.

After Midnight-6am Sunday Rain increase. Thunderstorms possible.

Overall, not a bad setup with the 6pm-11pm time period our main concern on the cloud deck and moisture levels. We will continue to fine-tune these details over the next 24 hours!

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