Thousands leave trash downtown after Thunder Over Louisville

Thunder Over Louisville crowds leave piles of trash at Waterfront Park

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The crowds may have left the waterfront after Thunder Over Louisville. However, they didn’t take everything with them.

When the fireworks went off and the rides shut down there was trash left behind on both sides of the bridge.

"It’s disgusting out here,” said 15-year-old volunteer Ben Leonberger.

“First of all it all smells really bad,” said 16-year-old volunteer Jayden Branch. “It’s crazy because you’ll see full two-liter drinks. It’s like, why didn’t you just drink it.”

Early Sunday morning local students volunteered to clean up the paper, plastic and aluminum left behind by thousands of Thunder spectators.

"The food is wet and soggy from the rain, it’s nasty,” Branch said. “If there’s a trash can somewhere, I don’t get why you don’t throw it away, why throw it on the ground?”

"There are garbage cans and some of them are not full as I noticed,” Leaonberger said.

The team from Jim Reynolds Asphalt started made plans to clean from the end of Thunder until the next morning. They noticed many garbage cans went un-used.

"When the fireworks (are) over, people whatever they have in their hands they drop,” said Jim Reynolds Asphalt CEO Sam Ellis.

Ellis said people can do a better job of respecting the space and using all the bins provided. Other volunteers will spend hours getting the waterfront back to what it used to be, before the snacks and drinks turned into trash.

"That just seems like a daunting task,” Leonberger said.

All of the trash should be cleaned up by Wednesday.

The cleanup day was included in Mayor Greg Fischer’s Give a Day Week of Service.

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