Grand jury should hear case of Fort Knox Sergeant this week

Case of Fort Knox sergeant charged with assault heads to grand jury

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - This week, a Hardin County grand jury is expected to take up the case of a Fort Knox Sergeant charged in a road rage incident and will decide whether or not to indict.

The case of Kai Waters is now receiving national attention after she was charged with felony assault. The attention comes after gas station security video was released and public outcry on social media that followed.

The grand jury meets this Thursday.


The prosecutor tells us, under the law, the case has to go to the grand jury, but he says the panel will hear both sides. A lot of people will be waiting to hear the decision, as several major media outlets like the Washington Post have now picked up the story.

Attorney Jeremy Aldridge, who represents Waters, is hoping the grand jury sees what he does in the video.

“I trust that the grand jury will have a very difficult time indicting her based on the conduct that is provable by the video,” Aldridge said.

According to Aldridge, the surveillance video proves Sgt. Waters was the victim and not the perpetrator.

Waters was charged in February after she said she stabbed another woman in the leg. The interaction was all caught on the gas station video.

Waters had a knife in her car that had been given to her as an honor from her Army co-workers. Waters told us she was harassed by the woman on the road and was then followed into the gas station parking lot. The video appears to show the 58-year old woman approach Waters’ car. Waters says the woman then began punching her.

An attorney independent of this case, Thomas Clay, told WAVE 3 News last week after watching the video, Waters response is allowed under Kentucky’s self-defense law when someone comes into your occupied car.

Despite that, Waters was charged with a Class C felony, punishable by 5-to-10 years in the state penitentiary.

Waters, who’s now raised $15,000 for her defense on GoFundMe, claims police weren’t listening to her cries for help.

“The people that I called, that you’ve been told to call, if you need help that are to support you and save you,” Waters said. “[They] were the same people saying I harmed this woman.”

Waters said she told officers the woman was tailing her, yelling racial slurs at her and bumped her car. Waters spent three nights in jail.

Court papers obtained by WAVE 3 News note Sgt. Waters, who was recruited for her job, was a ‘flight risk’. She was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, give up her driver’s license and stay on post at Fort Knox.

Although WAVE 3 News has been told twice by the Elizabethtown police that they have no further comment, Chief Jamie Land told the Washington Post, he “understands her side of it,” but said, “it’s not as cut and dried as Ms. Waters is making it appear.”

The other woman in the case tells us she wants to tell her side of the story, but can’t talk right now because she’s a witness.

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