Several sheep killed, missing from Jefferson County farm

Several sheep killed on Jefferson Co. farm

HILLVIEW, KY (WAVE) - First llamas, then donkeys, and now sheep; The mystery of what is killing animals in Jefferson County continues.

A Hillview family says they have no idea what could have killed several of the sheep on their farm, and some of them are missing. The farm is in Jefferson County, surrounded by industrial businesses.

Mary Smith boards her horse at the farm. She spends a lot of time there because she says it’s relaxing to see the horses, sheep and chickens. She says she’s an animal lover and wants to know what could have killed and hurt the sheep.

"They told me that they had found five dead and seven were missing,” Smith said. “So obviously something came in here and bothered them.”

One of the sheep was hurt so bad, the owner of the farm had to put it down.

“Looks like the sheep were in total shock didn’t even move just stood there,” Smith said. “The whole area under stomach looked like it had been chewed on. I had trouble sleeping because I’m an animal lover. I knew about the llamas and donkeys, that bothered me."

WAVE 3 News contacted Louisville Metro Animal Services on Monday and two officers came by. Mary doesn’t think coyotes were behind it, she’s hoping these officers can figure it out.

“I have no idea but, something is coming in these fields and bothering these animals,” Smith said. "I don't want this to happen to other animals and what worries me it's still out there."

Louisville Metro Animal Services says they are looking into this.

As for the cases involving the llamas and donkeys, they still don’t know what killed those animals

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