StormTALK! Monday Edition

StormTALK! Monday Edition

Really nice week ahead overall. Main focus will be on a storm system arriving Thursday and slooooooowly leaving down by Saturday evening. Just in time for Easter!


StormTALK! Monday Edition

Short-term...clouds slowing the warming down for some of us so far today but sunshine will bust through later to late-day highs being reached. Still expected a below normal temperature day regardless.

That all changes Tuesday and Wednesday as we will see a nice jump into the 74-82 degree range!

A storm system will move in Thursday. It will be slow to arrive as an upper low forms near KY and keeps us in the cloudy/rainy zone through at least Saturday afternoon.

Depending on how strong the low pressure is (and if it still has a strong cold front), the risk is there for severe thunderstorms Thursday afternoon. This potential looks higher west due to timing as it stands today.

There is also a chance that this system arrives even slower and most of the rain/thunderstorm action would be Thursday night and Friday. Both days look to be warm in the 60s/70s with coverage of rain determining just how high we get.

As far as the severe thunderstorm part, I just don’t see anything alarming in the data for this to be a big event locally. Granted I only have a few pieces of info to work with this early in the game. We will just have to see how things trend as more data is gathered. Just be aware of the setup for now.

The upper low portion of the system Saturday could really lead to a nasty setup with clouds/decent breeze and spotty showers. If this were January, it would be a light snow event. But it is April and we look to be in the liquid zone for this one.

At least data supports it getting out of town just in time for Easter. As long as that holds, we will see a nice jump back into the 60s and 70s with sunshine!

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