Gray Television’s Greta Van Susteren on the impact, fallout of Mueller Report

Gray Television's Greta Van Susteren interview with 14 News

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Gray Television’s National Political Analyst Greta Van Susteren spoke with 14 News Sunrise Anchor Dan Katz on Thursday about the release of the Mueller Report.

Dan: Thanks for joining us and the first question: why did Attorney General Robert Barr hold a press conference this morning before anyone even saw a copy of the report?

Greta: Well it depends on who you’re talking to. If you’re talking to the Democrats and specifically, Senator Elizabeth Warren, you’d say because he’s a publicist for the president. If you’re talking to the Republicans what they’re saying is he just wants to explain what he’s doing explain the day. Explain how he’s going to release the report as well as take some questions to answer. And in case he presses any inquiry and to be transparent. So it depends who you’re talking to get the two answers.

Dan: And the president has already tweeted that this morning that they said, “it’s game over, he’s been cleared of any wrongdoing.” Do you think he has been fully briefed and knows what’s in the report already.

Greta: Well we know that he has seen the report because within the report is information that could have been eliminated from the viewing public viewing because of executive privilege. So the Justice Department needed to show the report to the White House so they can make a decision whether to assert executive privilege or not. Now the president has elected not to assert executive privilege. So we get to see that information. So yes he saw it. I think though that he’s been tweeting things like that even long before he saw the report. He said he’s a pretty aggressive tweeter and he’s not he’s not held back. So I was not particularly surprised by that tweet and I didn’t link it to the fact that they’d already seen the report.

Dan: Well a lot of the commentary I’ve seen already today is they’re talking about William Barr and how he seems to be running a little cover for the president and not really acting like the attorney for the entire country. Did you see anything like that?

Greta: Well I think it depends who you listen to. If you listen to MSNBC and CNN you’re probably going to hear that if you listen to Fox News you’re gonna hear something different. You know the problem is that you know many people in the media’s seem rather partisan themselves you know which is it does not to deviate too far. But look the reason that the polls across the nation show that people trust their local news more than they do their national news and that’s because they get facts with and not told how to think more often from local news necessarily than the cable news. So I’m not surprised that you have heard some of that. You know people unfortunately have have made up a lot of their minds about this and are not too eager to wait to actually read the report.

Dan: So based on what comes out in the report today do you anticipate Congress calling for impeachment proceedings to begin?

Greta: I would not be surprised; they’ve said that. But Speaker Pelosi you happens to be out of the country today has tried to do not to move her party away from that and I don’t know if she it’s because she thinks there isn’t material there for impeachment, or if it’s because that she’s got sort of a long vision and she knows that even if the House were to impeach him that, impeach means charging basically, that it would then have to go to the Senate for a trial. And when you go to the Senate for the trial the jury is the Senate and the Republicans own the majority in the Senate. And so they’re not going to get. They’re not likely. I mean it would be extremely unusual for -- for the for them to essentially throw the president out. So I think she has a longer political vision than some of the other members of Congress do in her party.

Dan: And what do you think the biggest headline that will come out of the day when all is said and done?

Greta: Well, it depends which headline you read. I think -- I think the headline should be, ‘buckle up,’ because we’re now out of the legal part of this. No more indictments, but it’s going to get heated and hot and looking up. Indiana’s a battleground state. I mean you’re gonna -- you’re gonna hear a lot about this in Indiana. But you know this is a very close election in 20 in 2016 and it’s going to be really close I think in 2020 is when these and these several battleground states states and this is the ammunition both parties are using against each other so I say buckle up it’s going to be fierce.

Dan: Yeah buckle up and stay tuned. Greta Van Susteren thanks for your insight. We really appreciate it.

Greta: Thank you.

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