Congressman Yarmuth speaks out on redacted Mueller report

Congressman Yarmuth speaks out on redacted Mueller report
Congressman John Yarmuth

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Investigation report is now public--at least, part of it is.

A redacted version of the 400-page document was released by U.S. Attorney General Andy Barr Thursday.

It reveals how President Donald Trump felt threatened by the investigation, and tried to get his staff to fire Mueller.

But the report does not recommend charges against Trump for construction or conspiracy.

Congressman John Yarmuth said he believes Barr served the interest of the President over the American people.

Yarmuth wants Congress to conduct its own investigation into possible collusion.

“...very much disturbed about the conduct of A.G. Barr. It’s clear that he deliberately set out to deceive the american public about what was in the report and has totally mischaracterized it and misrepresented it,” Yarmuth said at the University of Louisville on Monday. “So, I think we have to seriously consider whether he has the credibility to remain as the Attorney General of the United States.”

The Congressman also issued a statement on Monday saying that Barr “made clear he does not serve the American people, as the law dictates” and that “the report paints a very disturbing picture of our nation’s president.”

The full text of Congressman Yarmuth’s statement is below:

“Today, Attorney General Barr made clear that he does not serve the American people, as law dictates, but instead the political expediencies of President Trump. The Mueller report makes clear that investigators did not feel they had the authority to bring charges against a sitting president, and contrary to the show put on by the Attorney General today, explicitly did not exonerate President Trump. Rather, the report paints a disturbing picture of our nation’s president, laying out 10 very compelling cases for Congress to pursue. It is the responsibility and indeed the Constitutional obligation of this Congress to analyze this report and upcoming testimony from the Attorney General and Special Counsel, and then take any necessary action to restore integrity to the executive branch.”

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