Group conducting study on how gun violence impacts child victims in Louisville

New study aimed at learning how gun violence impacts Louisville children

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Thursday night’s quadruple shooting on I-264 puts the number of people shot in April so far at 64, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department’s records.

The expressway victims were all teenagers. They will all recover, but what happens when they do?

Justice and anti-violence advocate Christopher 2X doesn't know these victims personally, but he's worked with dozens of teenage shooting victims through the years.

“It affects them deeply,” 2X said. “They try to put up this strong persona but that’s not the truth. They are impacted; it shifts their life change dramatically.”

Of the 64 shootings this month, LMPD said eight have been fatal.

"Since we have all this gun play, what is it doing to some of the children who are trying to learn in school?” 2X asked.

In December, he started the Peace Centered Alliance. The group is working on a report exploring how children are impacted by shootings, along with how gun violence affects behavior and learning.

“We’re doing interviews, we’re gathering data -- real data -- and equally at the same time we’ve got some educators that will at least give us some understanding on the behavioral issues after they’re impacted and how they try to adjust in school again,” 2X explained.

That study will be sent out to 120 school districts across the state by the Kentucky Department of Education.

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