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It seems like every season I have a SnowTALK! post that comes out of hiding before going away for the season. I debated on this one as it will be a minor event... yet anytime snowflakes can fall around here in late April, it gets attention. So I at least wanted to address the data and discuss how this is all looking.


This all involves a closed low pressure system that will drift just south/east of Louisville into Ohio by Saturday night. The air will be chilly, but the cold air support to get anything more than a cold rain doesn’t really arrive until Saturday morning. And at that point, the setup is iffy for the atmosphere to “take advantage” of it.

Rest of today/tonight... the low continues to get its act together and moves into eastern KY. If you are rainy and chilly now, you will stay that way for the rest of the day. If you have some “mild” air at the moment, enjoy will start to feel the chill by tonight.

Most of the moisture will be on the northern and western side of this low. This means our IN counties and those along/west of I-65 could add up an inch of steady, cold rain out of this.

Once we move into Saturday, the key will be rainfall rates in a couple of the bands on radar. Some of that heavier rain could be just enough to pull down the cold air to allow for either sleet or wet snow to take place. Depending on temperatures, it could actually snow pretty good in a couple spots to allow for some grassy/elevated accumulations. It would melt as soon as it stopped and roads would not be impacted by this. So this is just a “festive” snow if it can even take place. And yes, snow can fall and stick above the freezing mark if it comes down hard enough. The data is certainly more on the cold rain/sleet idea than snow. But history has proven to us in the Ohio Valley that these types of lows can develop some interesting dynamic cooling events. So it is at least POSSIBLE.

No need to get worked up over it.

The main impact this low WILL give WAVE Country is chilly air and steady rain showers. Not a pleasant setup all the way into Saturday night.

By this point in the year, I am over snow and ready for the warm weather to lock in. But...if there is an option of loving a cold rain vs some wet snow, you bet I will go for the snow part :)

For those concerned about a frost or freeze, that is not what we are facing with this. It will be chilly but damp/wet.

Easter Sunday will feature increasing amounts of sunshine west to east. The longer it takes for that sun to blast through, the farther we got to climb to warm up. This means some of you in the cloud zone (mainly east) may get stuck in the 50s while those of you west stand a good chance to climb into the 60s and even a few lower 70s.

At least Easter is on Sunday and not Saturday. :)

We shall see how this plays out...

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