Check out the most famous heists by state

Check out the most famous heists by state
The map shows what kind of heist was pulled off to make it the most infamous in the state. (Source: ASecureLife)

(WAVE) - Have you ever wondered what the most famous heist was in Kentucky? What about Indiana, Ohio, or Tennessee?

A new report by A Secure Life breaks down each states biggest and most infamous heists by state.

In Kentucky, four college students stole rare books valued up to $5 million from the Special Collections Library at Transylvania University in Lexington. The thieves were celebrated with jail time, and eventually a film version of their exploits.

In Indiana, The burglary and murder of heiress Marjorie Jackson came out on top. Jackson was a grocery store heiress who had stashed an estimated $15 million throughout her home after her husband’s death. In 1977, two men stole over $3 million in cash from Marjorie Jackson and shot her when she confronted them.

In Tennessee, the biggest robbery in Memphis history takes the top spot. Two men stole $6.5 million from a Wells Fargo on Thanksgiving Day, 1983. In a festive and misguided touch, the men wore Mardi Gras masks during the robbery.

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