Pass the Cash: Longtime Circle K employee battles stage 4 cancer

PASS THE CASH: Longtime Circle K employee diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Diana’s Pass the Cash nomination was short but urgent.

“Cathy has been a co-worker of mine,” nominator Diana said. “I’ve been here about 7 months. She’s been here for 16 years.”

Cathy worked until she just couldn’t work anymore - not by choice but by circumstance.

“She found out that she has stage 4 cancer and had to quit working,” Diana explained. “We just miss her a lot.”

The cancer is in Cathy’s stomach and spine.

While Cathy also misses her co-workers, she also misses her paycheck. No work equals no money coming in.

“She’s having trouble paying her rent and stuff so we wanted to help her,” Diana said.

WAVE 3 News passed $300 and another $100 came from some of the co-workers at Circle K, then we were on our way to meet Cathy.

Cathy worked at Circle K for 16 years before being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.
Cathy worked at Circle K for 16 years before being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

She knew her friend Diana was coming by but wasn’t aware WAVE 3 News would be tagging along.

When we arrived, Cathy wasn’t quite ready for her close-up. She instructed us to come inside and wait. After a few minutes, she finally appeared, fully dressed and totally confused.

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“I signed you up for Pass the Cash that they do and they gave it to you,” Diana explained to Cathy.

Cathy cried while we counted out the $400 being presented to her. Then there were hugs and a few questions.

With $530 in rent due soon, Cathy said the money couldn’t have come at a better time.

“All I gotta do is put $130 to it and my rent is paid,” Cathy said. “They said I could put two jugs at the store and get my pictures taken and people collect for me.”

Cathy explained that her cancer has left her unable to work and always in pain. She receives financial help from family and is working on getting disability benefits.

“You gotta worry about everything, honey. You gotta worry about everything but I do it,” Cathy said.

Though she’s sick and tired, she perseveres.

“I’m 58 years old and I’m dying and it hurts but I’m trying to stay strong but some days I can’t,” Cathy said.

The WAVE 3 News crew stopped at Shack in the Back in Fairdale for lunch shortly after filming with Cathy. We explained Cathy’s story to them, including that she was just $130 short for rent. Shack in the Back and Max Care teamed up to donate the rest of the money.

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