StormTALK! Monday Edition

StormTALK! Monday Edition

The pattern this week looks similar to how Derby Week evolved.

Summer-like warmth followed by a stormy pattern and showers/cooler weather toward the weekend.

Let’s break this down...

Today-- few afternoon clouds roll in, otherwise warm...near 80.

Tuesday-- mainly sunny and quite warm into the 80s. T-storms will try to roll in north of I-64 by the late afternoon. They will battle a more stable setup over us and could even just fade to clouds with no rain.

Wednesday-- front will be nearby early, but it will lift north by afternoon. There will be a t-storm risk while it is around with a warm setup in the afternoon.

Late Wednesday Night/Thursday-- Cold front approaches with t-storms. The earlier it arrives, the chance it will just be a heavy rain/thunder event. However, if it delays until midday or even afternoon on Thursday...more fuel for a severe threat. The timing of this is not locked in.

Friday looks to be a cooler but quiet day.

This weekend will feature another low that will pass by to our south. Just like on Derby, how far north will it reach? That will not only impact rain chances and temperatures on Saturday but also how Mother’s Day evolves as well.

Stay close to forecast updates as we continue to track all of these moving parts.

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