Pass the Cash: Woman rebuilding after Easter house fire with no insurance help

Pass the Cash: Belinda loses home in Easter fire

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A woman in the California neighborhood is juggling a great deal of damage to her home after a fire.

Belinda lost her home in a fire on Easter Sunday.
Belinda lost her home in a fire on Easter Sunday. (Source: Ms. Belinda)

Family friend Lamenka reached out to WAVE 3 News to help Ms. Belinda. Her home was damaged so badly in a fire on Easter Sunday it has been deemed unlivable under the list of problems are solved.

“It’s really like smoke damage and you know where the firefighters had water and stuff," Lamenka said. “So it’s not livable right now.”

Lamenka said Ms. Belinda has been going over to her house every day trying to do little bits and pieces to get it back to normal.

Though the home is far from normal WAVE 3 News helped get her a bit closer with $300.

In addition, some kind folks at PLAY Louisville passed $40 to Dawne Gee as she celebrated her birthday at the venue a few weeks back. With $340 in hand, we headed to meet Ms. Belinda.

Lamenka told Ms. Belinda she was stopping by. She was waiting as she promised but she was waiting in the car because she was ready to get to work on her home. After a few hello’s, Lamenka began to explain.

“Well, I had done Pass the Cash for you with everything that was going on with your home catching on fire,” Lamenka said.

Belinda showed Dawne Gee photos of the damage done to her home during the fire.
Belinda showed Dawne Gee photos of the damage done to her home during the fire. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

Ms. Belinda then told us about the fire.

“I was in there cooking my dinner and I kept smelling something,” Belinda said. “I said ‘that don’t smell like my turkey, it smells like electrical burning.’ So I went into the living room, looked up at the ceiling at a scorched place.”

Belinda called 911 and emergency officials instructed her to evacuate the house immediately.

“I’m still rather in shock right now,” Belinda said. “I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

With the entire living room ceiling gone and the attic open to the elements, Belinda is still in great need. Her insurance has lapsed, so what she needs done she’ll have to do on her own with no financial help.

But still, she’s grateful.

“It’s still standing,” Belinda said. “We just gonna do what we can do a little bit at a time.”

With a lot of hope and a little but of money.

If you’d like to Pass the Cash, click or tap here to nominate someone deserving. Remember you cannot give it to family and you can’t keep it. You will be notified if selected.

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