StormTALK! Thursday Edition

StormTALK! Thursday Edition

Main focus will be on t-storm coverage/intensity for the rest of the day.

The good news is we have some wind energy to work with but not exactly an abundance of fuel. This doesn’t get us out of the woods entirely on strong thunderstorms but it certainly reduces a higher end threat.

Coverage of the rain today will also be limited to clusters/isolated thunderstorm cells. Whenever that happens, there are some out there that get missed without a drop of rain while others can pick up .50-1″.

I am watching for potential development toward midday/early afternoon and again later this evening. Otherwise, expect lots of clouds and warm temperatures in the 70s/80 degrees.

The next rain event is starting to focus more and more on Saturday night into midday Sunday. Some of that could be locally heavy across central Kentucky.

We will continue to monitor the weekend rain setup so stay close to the WAVE 3 Weather App.

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