Man charged with attacking 9-year-old with machete in NKY

Man charged with attacking 9-year-old with machete in NKY
Esteban Portugues

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A man has been arrested after a 9-year-old was stabbed with a machete in Covington Friday night.

Esteban Portugues, 35, was charged with assault and is jailed at the Kenton County Detention Center.

Police say surveillance video shows Portugues with a machete before the assault at West Eleventh and Hermes Avenue.

Angel Haywood said her son and two nephews were playing at the basketball court before the stabbing happened.

The three tried to run away but the 9-year-old was not able to keep up.

Haywood describes the moment after her nephew was injured, “He was sitting in the ground, on the ground in the grass and his shirt was bloody and he was just crying his eyes out for his mom.”

Portugues struck the 9-year-old with the machete in the shoulder causing a three-inch deep and two-inch long wound.

According to the victim’s aunt, the child is now out of Children’s Hospital and is doing “O.K.”

Police still don’t know the motive for the attack.

In the meantime, two other men who were with Portugues at the time of the assault have not been charged.

According to the victim’s family, those men are back home, just steps from the park where the stabbing occurred.

Robert McCoy also addressed the incident which involved his son and two nephews.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen...if they’re going to retaliate...” said McCoy.

McCoy and his family are now asking why police didn’t hold the other two men the victim says were chasing him.

“It’s a charge out there that could’ve been put on them...could’ve held them accountable for what they did to these kids," said McCoy.

They also want to know why Portugues is only facing assault charges.

McCoy says the boys never met Esteban or the men with him. The family claims they’ve never had issues with them.

The kids, he says, didn't do anything wrong on Friday.

“They were playing basketball. They do it all the time. Never had no confrontation, no confusion, nothing," said McCoy.

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