StormTALK! Tuesday Edition

StormTalk! Tuesday Edition

Big changes coming to our weather pattern as move into the weekend. Going from an early March pattern to Late June/early July. I’m not surprised, are you?

Things to watch out for as we transition through this setup

- T-storms will dive into Western KY late tonight/early Wednesday. Some of this may clip our western-most counties with the worst closer to Paducah with a strong wind threat.

- T-storms may redevelop on the edge of the morning t-storm zone...again, mainly west and it will depend if any heating can take place. Otherwise, a cloudy day potential which means highs limited into the 60s.

- Thursday morning fog: if skies clear out in time, classic setup for lots of dense fog. The clearing of the skies key on that and just too early to know for sure.

-Friday: A dome of heat will start to build into our area. Still a threat for thunderstorms that could impact our area. This looks mainly north/northeast at this time.

-Saturday: dome of heat has arrived. Good chance to hit 90 degrees for the first time this year. Especially if the ground stays dry until then.

- Sunday/Monday: the dome will start to ease back south a bit which will allow for western/northern sections of WAVE Country to be at risk for t-storms. Just too early to know.

Next week: Dome moves back in and the heat builds up once more.

We will get to the point (some already are) of needing some rainfall. We just don’t want the severe part.

We’ll see how this looks tomorrow :)

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