StormTALK! Thursday Edition

StormTALK! Thursday Edition

Main focus will feature 2 items: T-storm chances and the heat


Starting just after lunch today, we are building the air over us into a summer pattern. Moisture levels and temperatures will rise. As this “shield of summer” expands, there will be a couple of triggers that will track right on the edge of it. One this evening and again toward sunrise. The question will be how close (if at all) will they develop into WAVE Country?

The evening chance looks isolated and roughly in the 8pm-11pm window. There will be plenty of fuel around (especially I-65 and west) so if anything can pop, it can become strong quickly with torrential rainfall, hail and intense lightning. But again, the risk for anything to form remains on the low-end. We will watch the trends carefully into the afternoon.

The overnight/sunrise chance will be a bit more organized along a wind belt to our northeast. The location of that belt will be key on any impacts for WAVE Country. As it stands now, Cincinnati stands a higher chance than Carrollton. And Carrollton stands a higher chance than Louisville. So the more northeast you are, the more the chance will have to stay in the forecast for now. The more southwest...nothing.

Areas to our northeast will also carry any t-storm risk for Friday afternoon and that may very well all the way to the other side of Cincinnati if some of the most recent data is correct.

Isolated t-storms will be possible Saturday afternoon as well.

A more organized batch that will carry the greatest coverage off all the chances I have typed out so far, will take place Sunday afternoon/evening. The problem is the “driver” for this chance will be fading as it moves in. This means just how many of us pick up rain from it is still in question. And we will need the rain.


We enter the 80s today.

With the t-storm chance shifting northeast Friday, I think the city especially stands a good shot at 89/90 degrees with a heat index into the lower 90s! Hello Summer!

Moisture levels will be around Saturday and that could allow for a more sluggish rise on the thermometer. Upper 80s look likely but 90 may be a tougher reach. But what’s the different really at that point?!?

The heat will take a break early next week with the active front but the humidity will remain high. Both temperatures and humidity really build toward the end of next week and into the holiday weekend. Highs around 90 (+/- a degree or two) will be common with LOTS of sweating going on! I hope you have a pool ready to jump into!

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